Theatre in Eduction (TIE) production for teenagers

Duration: 115 minutes


Our play centers on a family secret that for decades hangs over, interweaves, and poisons the entire life of the family. The secret eventually comes out, but does that change anything at all? Or does everything remain the same? Are mother and daughter capable of confronting the past? Or will they continue in silence, because the truth is too painful and frightening? The play’s main question is whether honesty is necessary within a family. What can come of keeping secrets, and what effect does the truth have?

Form and duration

The production is a Theatre in Education (TIE) performance. The first part (which includes a so-called theater opening) lasts 70 minutes, followed by a 45-minute post-performance workshop. During the show, the two actresses switch the roles of Mother, Daughter, and Father, “jumping around” in space and time.

Venue and capacity

We perform this production primarily in classrooms for teenage audiences of 30-35 members. We may be invited by any high school.


Yvette Feuer és Tünde Szalontay


Directed by: Yvette Feuer and Edit Romankovics (who performed in it until April 2018)

Professional Consultant: Péter Scherer