forum theatre production for and with young people

Duration: 60 minutes


The story is about Matyi, who is 12 years old. He is a loner, not a good student, but he is smart. He loves playing music and football. He goes to a village school where he does not fit in. No one pays attention to him at home, either. At school, they tease him and make fun of him, and he cannot stand up for himself. Must he always be the underdog? How can he defend himself? Who will help him out? We consider these questions in our shared performance, which involves the audience members. In the production, we present scenes contributed by the participating children, based on their everyday lives. It provides a thought-provoking experience for many of us.

Form and duration

In our forum theatre production, we present scenes, then perform then again based on our viewers’ suggestions. In several cases, the spectators become actors, joining individual scenes to try out their own solutions for a given situation. On one hand, the production’s target group is the community where the children live (e.g., Lak-Tomor-Selyeb). On the other hand, it is the school community where they attend classes. The performance includes slam poetry and beat box.

Venue and capacity

The community centre in Lak, the Bánki Lake Fesztivál, and Studio K Theater, as well as elementary schools in Lak, Homrogd, Felsővadász, and Méra.

This production was realized within the framework of the larger “Creation of Forum Theatre for Young People in Lak” project with the support of Norway Grants (EEA) and the participation of our partner, the Roma Self-Help Civil Association of Cserehát.