participatory slam theatre for teenagers and adults

Duration: 90 minutes


The theme of I Thought of Prometheus is manipulation in society and taking social responsibility. We examine the relationship between words and deeds, thoughts and actions. From the framework of a slam poetry class the story kicks off, out of the classroom and into the outside world, toward questions of responsibility and the responsisbility of authority. In the course of the performance, with writing exercises and rhythm games, we come (virtually) to poetry writing – all of which is an integral part of the story, since these are obvious tools of creation and reflection. In this interactive theatre performance, the viewers are both participants and witnesses of the events. In terms of the question of responsibility, we test where the border lies. How far can someone be held responsible for other people’s thoughts and actions? The viewers find themselves in a similar situation as the story’s characters, probably not being able to recognize the boundaries and creating reality through poetry. But who is responsible for this?

Form and duration

participatory theatre: Viewers find themselves in a special, “more than spectator” role. They are active participants who have the opportunity to act in the performance, share their thoughts, make decisions, and/or shape the story. The production lasts 90 minutes.

slam poetry: Art not just for artists. Everybody performs their own text (poem or free verse) either on a burning topic or simply a theme that is important to the individual. Warning: Besides various scenes, the performance contains slam content!

Venue and capacity

We perform in classrooms, both the adult and young adult versions, for a maximum of 35 people. The venue for the adult performance is one of the classrooms in Budapest’s Eötvös József High School. We also perform the teenage version in a classroom, at any high school that invites us.


Director, Theatre in Education (TIE) Expert: Ádám Bethlenfalvy

Author and Dramaturge: Borbála Sebők

Cast: Yvette Feuer and Kristóf Horváth