insprired by Bertolt Brecht’s parables

Age group: High school

Duration: 120 minutes


The play explores the relationship between solidarity and war. What is the right choice when the moral imperative of solidarity conflicts with the imperative of survival? Is it reprehensible to put the well-being of oneself and one’s narrow community before standing up for those in need? And who, by standing up for others, puts his own community at risk? Where is the moment when it is no longer right to remain silent, and where is the moment when it is still necessary to remain silent?

The play is a parable about solidarity through the story of a small Hellenic family under Persian conquest.


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David Csany, Yvette Feuer és Fruzsina Háda/Orsolya Varga


Writer-Director: Peter Fabian

Visuals: Kata zubor