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Theatre in Education (TIE)

We always tailor our drama-based classes to the needs of the given group, the situation, the children, and the school. Since 2011, we have held Theatre in Education (TIE) and Theatre pedagogy programs for pre-schoolers, grade-school students, and young adults alike. With pre-schoolers and beginning students, we adapt tales and stories with a blend of tools from story-therapy, paper theatre, and Nonviolent Communication. In the course of our activities so far, we have developed programs for young adults that focus on the following topics:

  • developing cooperation skills, conflict management
  • bullying at school and its prevention
  • active listening and communication
  • decisions and their consequences

Support Us!

Every year, our group holds 40 performances and nearly 70 Theatre in Education (TIE) classes for approx. 5000 disadvantaged children and young adults, who otherwise have no access (or very rare access) to such cultural programs. Become a patron! With your support, we can reach still more children and young adults. Thank you!

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