public-square comedy with puppets and music for children (5-9) and their parents of all ages

Age group: Kid

Duration: 45 minutes


Once upon a time, there was a black-hearted witch and a princess and a prince and the not at all ordinary Wash-o-tastic 2000 (latest model). This extraordinary device is even able to wash clean the blackest of hearts, like the witch’s! Of course, it is not so easy… It takes this and that – our dear audience or the help of some good-hearted children, among other things. Will that be enough to wash the witch’s heart clean? The only way to know is to watch and find out!

Form and duration

The production, which incorporates elements of public-square comedy and object animation, is an interactive children’s performance with songs and live instruments. It lasts 45 minutes.

Venue and capacity

Now performed regularly at the Marczibányi Square Art Center (Marczibányi Téri Művelődési Központ), as well as at community centers and schools in the countryside, the production can be booked for community or civic centers, schools, company events, and children’s programs with no limit on the number of viewers.


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Witch and Washer-woman: Yvette Feuer, Prince and Washer-boy: Bence IvákésPrincess and Washer-girl: Erika Manyasz


Author and Director: Róbert Markó

Dramaturge: Bea Selmeczi

Set and Puppetry: Márk Horváth

Costumes: Gábor Michac

Music: Samu Gryllus

Musical Director: Kata Jobbágy