A family story from the perspective of the two sisters

Age group: Adult

Duration: 70 minutes


The story of two sisters, Náná and Malvin. Never close, they grew apart and now meet again as adults. During their time together they look back on their past. Gradually the story of the sisters and the family unravels, and what led to their differences. Dad, Mum and others close to the family appear. Today, both grown-up, can they still find a way to connect? Will they be able to deal with the past, and can they accept and come to love the other, the strange, the different? Someone who isn’t and never was the person we wanted them to be? The play is recommended to anyone who has
a brother or sister, anyone who doesn’t, and anyone who, at some time, has seen how bumpy the road that leads to love can be.

Form and duration

All characters are played by two actresses, playing eight roles in total. Psycho-realist images of the present are blended in with the absurd and grotesque images of the past. The play is eighty minutes.

Venue and capacity



2021. June 14. Monday - 19:00
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

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Yvette Feuer és Bevk Alida


Writer: Réka Kincses

Director: Veronika Szabó

Design and costume: Hedvig Palánki

Music/sound: Dávid Somló

Light and sound technology: Gábor Batta