Theatre in Education (TIE) production for students in grades 7 and 8

Duration: 120 minutes


In 7 years, we exchange the cells in our bodies. In 8 years, we have gone from walkmen to i-pods. How much time is 9 years? It is enough for us to forget who we are and where we came from? Our heroine is Bibi, a 29-year-old Roma girl. In nine years, she has neither been to her hometown nor visited her mother. She does not know anything about her, although nothing special happened between them. They are not keeping secrets from one another, and they have not had a row. It simply seems that they live separate lives. The production was inspired by the novella Gypsy Moses by József Holdosi, which deals with changes of identity, break-ups, and finding one’s home. Are we responsible for what becomes of us when we grow up? If we wish to break from our environment, what is the cost?  What price do the mother and her daughter pay? What is built into our everyday lives without our notice? Of all the things that we bring from home, what are conscious?

Form and duration

We perform this show for children ages 13-15. It lasts 2 hours.

Venue and capacity

Primarily, we perform this piece at elementary schools in classrooms for a maximum of 30 children. Otherwise, organized groups may view it at the Marczibányi Square Art Center (Marczibányi Téri Művelődesi Ház). It may also be booked by any elementary school.


Bibi: Erika Manyasz és Iza, her mother: Yvette Feuer


Text (on the basis of the actors' improvisations): Zsuzsa Hajós

Director and Theatre in Education (TIE) Expert: Zsuzsa Hajós

Dramaturge: Eszter Sára