Based on Martin Miller's the true drama of the gifted child and Alice Miller's Writings

Age group: Adult

Duration: 60 minutes


Legacy is a play about the relationship of Alice Miller, the world-famous childhood researcher and her son, Martin Miller, who is also a psychologist. It debuted on November 6, 2019 in Hold21 HPS KultSzalon. The play is based on Martin Miller’s book, originally published in 2013 and followed by a Hungarian translation in April 2019. This portrayal of the author’s childhood and his mother’s life casts the acclaimed psychologist in a fresh new light.We would like to explore the processes that prevent a mother with extraordinary insight from comprehending her own actions and being sensitive to her own child. Can we ever be in control of ourselves or do we always remain prisoners of our own past? As parents, can we let our children be their own person? Are we able to surpass our limits in loving? What can foster positive changes?The production explores personal, family and social traumas and the healing process starting from the present over a backdrop of recollections from the past.

Form and duration

The story unfolds in a mosaic-like way across different times and places, lining up different characters and sometimes colliding variant narratives. Following the performance we will be showing a short video interview with Martin Miller about his book, and we invite the audience to join in an informal Q&A with the actors.

Venue and capacity

The production can be accommodated by any community centre or theatre and thus the audience size may vary.


8. October 19:00 - KuglerArt Salon

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Feuer Yvetteés Rába Roland


Dramaturg: Gyulay Eszter

Rendező: Tárnoki Márk

Costume designer: Horváth Jenny