comedic guided tour of relationships

Age group: Adult

Duration: 90 minutes


Our production is a comedy about the situations and events typical of relationships. What can a man and a woman do if they do not agree on what they want? What if their rhythms are different? If they disagree on what is important, how to raise a child, or having a child at all? Is it possible at all to live in harmony? The production aims to present participants with a complex and communal theatre experience that allows them to reflect on their own behaviour while lauging together at our follies. The show’s consistent humour and the master of ceremonies ensure the right distance from which to view the situations under examination.

Form and duration

Our production is participatory theatre for adults, however, contributing to the interactive parts is completely voluntary. Between the scripted scenes (based on the actors’ improvisations), there are simple games and discussions with the audience, led by the master of ceremonies. At one point, viewers have the opportunity to “instruct” the actors in a given scene, and on the basis of their suggestions, the actors will play the scene again.

Venue and capacity

The play in on repertory of the Kugler Art Salon and Gallery, a downtown space displaying works by Roma painters. It has long provided a home for various theatre performances; the production I, You, We draws inspiration from the gallery’s features. The paintings on display, as well as the venue’s atmosphere, are integral components of the show. The premiere took place in Budapest, 2017. The production may be invited by theatres and community centres, as we can bring the paintings with us and recreate the appripriate atmosphere. Audience size is limited to 100. ..


09. May 19:00 - KuglerArt Salon

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Yvette Feuer, Béla Stubnya, Fanni Buzási, Roland Mangold , Veronika SzabóésRozália Kemény


Writer-dramaturge: Orsolya Nagy

Director: Veronika Szabó

Dramaturg: Orsolya Nagy

Participatory theatre expert: Veronika Szabó

Improvisation trainer

Anyos Elek