Age group: High school

Duration: 135 minutes


The performance focuses on the process of becoming a victim of prostitution and human trafficking as a minor through a story that mixes real and fairytale elements. The story is about girls who grow up in extreme poverty and are exposed to a harsh world where they receive little love and attention. What is the fate of those who are born into poverty, who grow up in foster homes? How can those who are well-off help young people on the margins of society?
The programme is primarily aimed at youth aged 14-18 in state/foster care and their counselors, as a huge percent of youth grown up in foster care become victims of prostitution in Hungary. Its aim is preventive: we want to draw attention to the potential dangers among the affected population and on the other hand raise awareness of this grave social problem among the bigger public.

Form and duration

Real-life and fairytale content is weaved together in the story. In real-life scenes the performance uses relatable language and content for the young viewers, and in the fairy-tale elements stylised theatrical language is used to portray violence in order to avoid re-traumatization of the viewers. Young viewers must participate in the post-production workshop that aims at empowering them to recognize dangers and make good decisions.

Venue and capacity

The premiere took place in Nyírszőlős, 2015. The production is performed mainly in children’s homes/foster homes throughout the country as well as in theatres occasionally. Maximum number of young viewers is 60. Adult viewers: unlimited.


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Yvette Feuer/Judit Tarr, Fruzsina Háda, Emese Ács, Zsuzsanna Száger, Krisztina Urbanovits és Béla Ficzere


Written by : Edit Romankovics and Bence Bíró based on social research and the imporvisation of the actors.

Director: Romankovics Edit

Dramaturge: Bence Bíró

Porst-production workshop and Theatre in Education specialists: Edit Romankovics, Yvette Feuer