Age group: High school

Duration: 135 minutes


The performance and the accompanying process programme focus on the possibilities and the process of victimisation of young people at risk of becoming prostitutes and trafficked through a story that mixes real and fairytale elements. The story is about girls who grow up in extreme poverty and are exposed to a harsh, harsh world where they receive little love and attention. What is the fate of those who are born into poverty, who grow up in foster homes? How can those on welfare help young people who are balancing on the margins of society?
Our lecture and the accompanying activity are aimed at secondary school students, but the lecture itself will also be a worthwhile experience for all adults. Our aim is to raise awareness among potentially affected children of the natural history of victimisation and to make students more sensitive and open to the important social issues raised in the performance through reflection and play with the actors.
Topics covered:
– The destiny-shaping power of love-love (From whom and how do we learn to love?),
– the destiny-shaping power of money and material goods (wealth-poverty),
– Recognition of social inequalities and injustices,
– equal opportunities,
– the responsibility of those living in prosperity

Form and duration

The performance’s formal language, which mixes realistic and stylised language, weaves together real-life and fairytale content. It also symbolically conveys several violent scenes. The performance’s primary target audience is young people in children’s homes, potentially at risk, and adults working in child protection. Secondary target groups are young people in secondary school and adults. Different processing sessions have been developed for the different target groups (children in care and high school students). The lecture lasts 90 minutes, followed by a 45-minute processing session.

Venue and capacity

The performance will be performed mainly in children’s homes throughout the country. It is also performed at the Studio K Theatre in Budapest a few times a year, as well as in theatres and venues in the countryside and abroad. In children’s homes, it is recommended for children over 12 years of age, with a maximum of 60 young spectators. In other venues and for other target groups, it is offered to children over 14 years of age and there is no limit on the number of children.


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Feuer Yvette, Háda Fruzsina, Hajmási Dávid, Kőszegi Judit, Száger Zsuzsanna, Urbanovits Krisztina és Ficzere Béla


Basic idea: Feuer Yvette

Directed by: Romankovics Edit

Theatre education specialist: Romankovics Edit

Dramaturg: Bíró Bence

Head of occupation: Feuer Yvette