Age group: High school

Duration: 105 minutes


This joint production by the KV Company and the Horizon Group was the result of several months of active social research by the creators. They interviewed adults who had grown up in state/foster care but by adulthood managed to break out of their difficult childhood circumstances and lead happy and socially integrated lives. A total of 12 fantastic people were interviewed in depth and three of them, a social worker, a police chief and a young mother who has left prostitution and an abusive relationship to raise her child with a partner, were selected as the basis for this documentary-like theatre production. The production uses the actual words of the interviewees complemented by dramatic scenes based on their stories.

Form and duration

The aim of the production is to empower youth in state/foster care, to motivate them to achieve their goals and to promote their social inclusion. Also, it would like to raise social awareness about people grown up in state care and the difficulties they face throughout a lifetime. Due to the different socio-cultural backgrounds of the characters, the language of the performance is rich and diverse. It is this verbal richness that makes the documentary material based on real life stories special and unique.

Venue and capacity

The premiere took place in Budapest, 2021. The production is performed mainly in children’s homes/foster homes throughout the country as well as in theatres occasionally. It may be invited by schools, theatres and community centers. Maximum number of young viewers is 60. Adult viewers: unlimited.


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Yvette Feuer / Judit Tarr, Fruzsina Háda, Zsuzsa Száger és Krisztina Urbanovits


Written and directed: Balázs Czukor

Design: Nóra Surányi