Age group: High school

Duration: 105 minutes


This joint production by the KV Company and the Horizon Group was the result of several months of active social research by the creators. They visited adults who had grown up in children’s homes, who have now managed to break out of difficult childhood circumstances and lead exemplary, socially integrated lives. A total of 12 fantastic people were interviewed in depth and used to write the script for the documentary theatre production. The interviewees included a university graduate in social work, a photographer, a young mother who has left prostitution or an abusive relationship, a well-known youtuber, a father raising his children alone or a successful entrepreneur marketing his own produce. The lives and fates of three of the interviewees are told through fictional dramatic situations written by writer-director Balázs Czukor.
The creators’ aim is to sensitise young people to the difficulties and lives of people who have grown up in care, to motivate young people from similar backgrounds to achieve their goals and to promote social inclusion and integration.
Due to the different socio-cultural backgrounds of the characters, the language of the performance is rich and diverse. It is this verbal richness that makes the documentary material, based on real life stories, special and unique.

Form and duration

The lecture will last 60 minutes and the processing session 45 minutes. The performance was presented on 15 October 2021 at the KuglerArt Salon and Gallery, Budapest. Our aim is to bring it to as many primary and secondary schools and children’s homes as possible.

Venue and capacity



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Ács Emese, Feuer Yvette/Tar Judit, Háda Fruzsina, Kőszegi Judit, Száger Zsuzsa és Urbanovits Krisztina


Design: Surányi Nóra

Written and directed: Czukor Balázs