Participatory theatre for youth

Age group: Kid

Duration: 120 minutes


Ms. Gitta’s mission is to give her classes as much support as possible to break out from their underprivileged community. Now she invites a special guest to her class, Sebi, a former pupil of hers who has gone on to build a successful career as a cage fighter. However, Sebi’s arrival is not welcomed by everyone, including Mario, who 12 years ago experienced first-hand the consequences of problems due to lack of impulse-control

Form and duration

Length of the programme: 120 minutes
Patricipatory theatre: 80 minutes
Intermission: 10 minutes
Post-performance workshop: 30 minutes
Our complex theatre education programme is designed for primary school grades 7-8, with a particular focus on reaching out to disadvantaged communities. In choosing the theme, we have also drawn on teachers who test themselves on the most difficult terrain every day. The production aims to provide tangible help for students to overcome problems of impulse control by getting them to play an active role in the story. In addition to the theatrical experience, students can learn about and try out Nonviolent Communication and Crisis Intervention, because it is not enough to know that violence is bad, what really matters in a crisis is whether we have an alternative solution and how easily we can call it out when we need it.

Venue and capacity

The production was be premiered on 26 January 2022 at the Eötvös 10 Cultural Center
After that, the play will be taken to primary schools in Budapest and the countryside.


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Feuer Yvette, Márfi Márk és Somhegyi György


Writer-Director: Szivák-Tóth Viktor

Design: Zubor Kata

Production Assistant: Varga Orsolya