Age group: High school

Duration: 135 minutes


There’s a new student entering Saint Camilla High School at the beginning of the school year. Like most new kids, she tries to blend in as best she can, while attempting to figure out the inner workings of this new community, complete with a social hierarchy of its own and unwritten rules to abide by. Her efforts to pass unnoticed, however, prove futile as the school’s most notorious bully sets her sights on her. With the school’s strong-willed headmistress preoccupied with putting her institution on the map at last, and the teachers eager to meet her expectations, it is up to the students to take a stand against bullying. But will they have the strength to do so? Will they be able to protect the victim?

Form and duration

The aim of the performance is to tackle the topic of bullying: to educate students about its nature and help them identify the different roles that they play within it, while also providing them with reaffirmation and possible courses of action they may take when confronted by or experiencing it. The production uses rap, songs and lots of humour while the post-production workshop provides an opportunity for the participants to learn in depth about bullying and share ideas. It raises awareness for all participants about the situation of the victims and implores them to ask for and provide help.

Venue and capacity

The premiere took place on in Budapest, February 2020. The production is played primarily in schools. Maximum number of viewer-participants is 30. It may be invited by schools, theatres and community centers.


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Fruzsina Háda, Yvette Feuer és Christopher Pászik


Script: Kristóf Horváth, Viktor Szivák-Tóth, Anna Zsigó

Director: Viktor Szivák-Tóth

Dramaturge: Anna Zsigó

Post-performance workshop and Theatre in Education specialists: : Viktor-Szivák Tóth, Anna Zsigó

Design: Barbara Komesz, Kata Zubor

Consultant: Gabriela Kulcsár ph.D.

Design: Barbara Komesz, Kata Zubor

Production Assistant: Tímea Varga