A Theater in Education performance for high school students

Age group: High school

Duration: 135 minutes


At the beginning of the school year, there’s a new student arriving to Szent Kamilla High School. As with most new kids, she tries to blend in as best she can, while attempting to figure out the inner workings of this new community, complete with its own social structure and all its laws that she would have to abide. Her attempt to remain inconspicuous proves unfruitful however, as she quickly finds herself in the crosshairs of the schools’ most notorious bully. Meanwhile, the stalwart principal has also set high ambitions for this coming school year: this would be year where she’d finally put her institution on the map. The constant infighting between the teachers don’t help her case however, and so with her being preoccupied, it leaves the other students to raise, and try to solve the question: What can we do against bullying?

Form and duration

The performance ponders the same question. Combining Theatre in Education and the involvement of the audience, we try to shed some light on the cause of the abuse, as well as coming up with possible courses of action. These interactive segments, and the circa 25-minute-long after-show workshop both aim to provide students an opportunity to speak up and contribute to the topic. Our goal is to make the youth in the audience more receptive when it comes to bullying, as well as helping them identify and discern the various types of toxicity in their environment, while also providing them with reaffirmation, and possible positive solutions.

Venue and capacity

The performance opens at Három Holló, on the 26th of February 2020, presented to an adult audience. Following the premiere, we will be presenting it in various high schools in Budapest, and across the country.


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Franciska Farkas, Yvette FeuerésChristopher Pászik


Script: Kristóf Horváth

Director: Viktor Szivák-Tóth

Dramaturg: Anna Zsigó

TIE Specialists: Viktor-Szivák Tóth, Anna Zsigó

Actors: Franciska Farkas, Yvette Feuer, Christopher Pászik

Consultant: Gabriela Kulcsár ph.D.

Design: Barbara Komesz, Kata Zubor

Production Assistant: Tímea Varga