theatre production for teenagers and adults, with post-performance workshop for high-school students

Age group: High school

Duration: 135 minute(s)


The production and accompanying post-performance workshop primarily examine opportunities for youths who are exposed to the dangers of human trafficking and becoming a prostitute, as well as the process of becoming a victim, through a story that blends true and fictional elements. The story is about girls who grow up in deep poverty and learn about the world in a stark and rough environment where they receive little love or attention. What is the fate of those who are born poor or who grow up in orphanages? How can those living in comfort help young people who are teetering on the edge of society?

We recommend the production and the accompanying post-performance workshop for high-school students, while the production itself is a fulfilling experience for adults as well. Our goal is to raise the awareness of potentially affected children to the nature of victimization. Also, by virtue of the performance and discussions with the actors, we aim to make students more sensitive and open to the important societal issues handled in the play.

Themes touched upon by the piece:
–          the destiny-shaping power of love and lack of love (From whom do we learn to love?)
–          the destiny-shaping power of money and material goods (wealth and poverty)
–          societal inequalities, recognition of injustice
–          the question of equal opportunity
–          the responsibility of those living in comfort

Form and duration

The production, which is both realistic and stylized, blends real life with fairy-tale content. Several scenes of violence are conveyed symbolically. The primary target groups are young people living in orphanages, who are potentially at risk, and adults working in child protection services. The secondary target groups are high-school students and adults who live comfortably. For these distinct target audiences (children living in orphanages and high-school students), we have worked out different post-performance workshops. The duration of the play is 90 minutes, followed by the 45-minute workshop.

Venue and capacity

We have mostly performed this show in orphanages throughout the country, as well as in various venues including theaters abroad and in the countryside. Besides that, we feature a couple of times per year on the program of Studio K Theater. We recommend this show for children of 12 years and older who are wards of the state and for a maximum audience size of 60 members. At other venues and for other target audiences, there is no limit on the number of spectators.


2019. September 16. Monday - 10:30

2019. September 20. Friday - 13:00

2019. September 24. Tuesday - 11:00

2019. October 02. Wednesday - 11:00

2019. October 15. Tuesday - 13:00

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Yvette Feuer, Fruzsina Háda, Dávid Hajmási, Judit Kőszegi, Zsuzsanna Száger, Krisztina UrbanovitsésBéla Ficzere


Basic Concept: Yvette Feuer

Director: Edit Romankovics

Theatre in Education (TiE) Expert: Editv Romankovics

Dramaturge: Bence Bíró

Workshop Leader: Yvette Feuer